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Baby Alone

Gang-jo is the best computer game programmer with his own charisma. At an early age, he already has what he wants and now he feels bored to live day by day. But there is one thing that still turns him on and that is steeling. Yeah, that you have in mind-To break into somebody's house and get the valuables without permission. Using his ingenuity, he even uses state of the art technology to achieve the current record of zero rate of failure. He picked out a victim for no reason and this time, narrow a chicken-hearted public serviceman Sang-tae is the poor one. He is a naive person who's happy when he watches TV with his beloved wife and the kids. But with Gang-jo's continuous burglary, Sang-tae, who can't prevent Gang-jo from steeling valuables, he's integrity in his family plummeted. Now is Sang-tae's turn to take revenge other.

Quality: DVD

Release: 2002

Runtime: 107 min

IMDb: 0