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Buscando a Reynols

Documentary about Reynols, an experimental band led by a drummer with Down Syndrome and that has more than 100 albums released around the world. Despite this, they are practically unknown in their country of origin. "They had attracted me and I didn't know why. They had a hermeticism that transmitted something strong. There was a hidden truth, an interest that I didn't know what it was," said Néstor Frenkel when asked what had motivated him to undertake his meticulous search - of a year and a half - for the essence of that strange musical entity called Reynols. With a vast filmography present in the most dissimilar corners of the planet (in Argentina they only published the "No disco", that is to say an empty box), the group proves to be quite an enigma, and this remarkable documentary does not pretend to find the answers, but to pose the pleasure of the doubt and the inexplicable spirit that animates this unidentified musical object on the national rock scene of the nineties.

Quality: DVD

Release: 2005

Runtime: 75 min

IMDb: 5.7