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Return from the Other World

In his quest to be a wealthy God of Gambling, Chiu met Devil Gao and obtains supernatural card magic. But there were conditions in order for Chiu to possess it. First, he is never to tell anyone of his magic and secondly, if he wants to be released from the power, he must find a successor. Chiu pays an awful price in return for his superpower. As he is consumed with trying to impress the devil in order to make his million dollar dream come true, his relationship with his family deteriorates. But with the love of his wife and religion, Chiu soon realizes what is important in life. Now Chiu has to find redemption by releasing himself from the devil's control. During this process, friends and family may be caught in the middle. To save his own life, he may have to ruin others. The final answer may lie in the hands of God.

Quality: DVD

Release: 2002

Runtime: 98 min

IMDb: 0